25 November 2021

Agilité Solutions – La durabilité dans la construction – juste un autre mot à la mode pour les entreprises?

In her recent article,Kirsty Shearer, development director of Pan-European construction and fit-out specialist at Agilité Solutions, discusses the question of sustainability in construction. Despite the recent prevalence of the importance of sustainability in industry, Kirsty poses the question of whether this principle be a lasting topic of conversation and concern, or just ‘another corporate buzzword.’

See below for the full [...]

14 November 2021

Outcomes of COP26 : What negotiations were made?

Two weeks of intense negotiations drew to a close on the 13th November 2021 with the last day of COP26, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference.

With the primary concern of keepingthe hope of 1.5C alive, all countries agreed the Glasgow Climate Pact whilst simultaneously finalising other outstanding elements of the Paris Agreement as well as the ‘Paris Rulebook’.

Prioritised topics [...]

13 November 2021

COP26 Week 2 – Highlights

Here are the highlights from the second and lask week of the COP26. This week saw progress in areas of gender equality, transport and adaptation to converstion to Net Zero.

The week started with a focus on Adaptation, Loss and Damage :
• More than 70 world leaders committed to moving towards more locally led adaptation, endorsing the Principles for Locally Led Adaptation.
• $232 million was committed to the [...]

10 November 2021

The OECD Scoreboard on Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery

As countries begin to emerge from the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic, policy makers and citizens need to monitor the quality of the economic recovery in their respective countries.


Consequently, OECD has created a post-COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard, designed to measure the economic recovery across the globe; is the post-COVID-19 economic recovery in your country strong, inclusive, green or resilient?


The OECD dashboard can be filtered for each [...]

09 November 2021

Rolls Royce to Launch Mini Nuclear ‘Power Plants’ in the UK

New-generation nuclear power plants (EPRs) are huge, overpriced and plagued by repeated construction delays. In light of this, the industry has been pushing for the construction of “mini power plants”, which are cheaper and easier to build. In light of this, the UK is the first country to take a step in this direction.

On Monday, November 8, Rolls-Royce announced the creation of a new company to manufacture “small modular reactors” [...]

08 November 2021

The British Brain Drain towards Estonia

In reason to the numerous regulations and financial obstacles of doing business in Europe following Brexit, large numbers of British companies are deciding to relocate, namely to Estonia.


The former Soviet satellite state has already welcomed more than 4000 British companies, giving them free access to the European giant single market of more than 400 million people, something that Britain has lost.


Further benefits for [...]

07 November 2021

COP26 Week 1 – Highlights

Here you can find the highlights from the first week at COP26. From this we can see lots of positive progress in a number of areas including finance, land use and coal power.

World leaders were welcomed to Glasgow for the World Leaders Summit in order to discuss the urgent action needed to not only monitor the heating of the planet (keeping it within 1.5 degrees of heating) but to also protect people and nature from the impacts of climate [...]

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